Multi Time at ATP For Less Than $100 Per Hour


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After going through ATP’s Career Pilot Program, I am a new hire CFI/CFII/MEI. Like all the new hires, I’m answering phones and doing office work in Jacksonville -- waiting for a slot to open up at one of the So. Cal locations (Long Beach, Riverside) so I can get back home to my family.

We were just told about a new program that ATP is going to announce in the next week or so. The new ASAP program is a condensed version of the one that we currently offer. It will give you 5 hours of dual in the sim, 10 hours of dual in the aircraft, and 25 hours of cross-country time. That’s ground school, 35 hours of multi and 5 hours of sim for $3495. You aren’t going to beat PIC multi time in a Garmin 430 GPS and HSI equipped Seminole for less than $100 per hour.

The requirements are: 250 hours total time, 10 hours of multi in the last 6 months, a Multi-Commercial Instrument rating, and instrument currency/proficiency. It’s a great time builder for those who are looking to improve their resume. If you don’t have your Multi-Commercial, we can do that for you in 4 days time – doing the rating with us also gives you the 10 hours multi required for the new ASAP Program.

The program takes 7 days to complete, and there’s no limit to how many 35-hour blocks you can buy. If you need 100 hours total but can’t take the time off to do it all at once, this will give you a way to break it up over three 7-day periods. The program will initially be offered at our Jacksonville location. But, we were told that the program would also be offered at a number of locations around the country starting in a month or so.

If you have any questions, call me at 800-255-2877 and I’ll fill you in.


I just checked with those that have been here awhile. The ASAP program includes 90 hours of multi PIC time in the Seminole and 15 hours in the sim. That is how it has always been run. There has been no decrease in the number of hours. Hope that clears it up...
Ahah! Found ya here too ;-)!
This will be my last series of questions before submitting the entire thing for approval.

1. Does the 35 hour program cover housing as part of the price?
2. Does the 90 hour program allow reductions in the dual received time if the program is repeated like the FAQ on the website states for the 35 hour program?
3. Does the 90 hour program have a better chance of covering longer distances and more states as compared to the 35?
4. Are the uniform polo shirts 100% natural fabrics? (You only need to see one burned body that was wearing synthetics.. *shiver* the pilot was in a burn unit for a year)
5. What is the suggested amount of reserve to carry off-scheduled operations for fuel and lodging?
5. From your experiences, what was a typical day like?
6. And just when will you be back in SoCal?

I look forward to the responses.

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As long as Socal is using this forum to advertise others should too. I'm a student at Ari-Ben Aviators in Fort Pierce, Florida, NOT AN INSTRUCTOR OR EMPLOYEE. This place is great! They;re rough around the edges but the maintenance is top notch nd the people are like family. I've been here amonth and I have 50 hours of real multi time (no sims) and I'v flown almost every day. Ari-Ben will has a deal for 100 hours of multi time (real multi time, no sims) for $5459, for those of you that can't do math, that's $54.95 an hour. It's $2000 more but you get twice the time and no sim BullsXXt.
For those who are worried, you get ground school and a five hour checkl out included in that price. Call me if you wish, 772-794-4568 and I'll tell you everything I've seen so far as a student/time builder there.
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I also hope you get to skip right over the sim training for the rest of your's just a bunch of BS, eh?
Re:Sim Training

On average, it takes the student seven hours to learn in the airplane what it takes me one hour to teach them in the simulator.

Jedi Nein

I couldn't help but notice how offended you got at the previous guy’s post. Who cares man, if your deal is working' out for you then great. Don't bitch at Greg or whatever his name is, for doing the same thing you're doing. Also, if you’re learning instrument flying or getting back in the groove, then the sim is a fantastic training tool. If you're just building multi time, then the sim is completely unnecessary. Chill dude.

johnnyb -

I think you're missing the point here once again, bud. Greg is railing on ATP for including sim time in their training program, when in fact most flight schools consider that a vital part of training. I personally have no problem getting manuevers down in the sim before dropping the $$ on the airplane. Like you said, it's a great training tool. What Greg fails to realize is he's comparing apples to oranges. There is a difference between building multi time for the sake of time building, and getting your ratings in a multi engine.

Greg can 'advertise' all he wants on this board, and I hope he does continue to contribute. That's what it's here for right? I want to learn about as many different training programs as possible. I just would rather hear about the merits of his program without the bashing of another program he clearly knows nothing about.

Based on what I've read here, Greg is the one who needs to chill, dude. Just my .02.
JohnnyB knows ALL. Everybody needs to chill in his presence. Don't ever argue w/ him, because he knows everything.

Thankyou "all-knowing-one" for blessing this ATP board w/ your presence.

You are such a jackass! Funny though, keep up the good work. And don't forget,,,,,I know all. LOL


Who's sensitive? I told you it was funny didn't I? LOL

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JB, you crack me up.
I hope the new job is going well for you. You're lucky. California sure is a great place to work (if that's where you still are).