Multi Time at ATP For Less Than $100 Per Hour


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After going through ATP’s Career Pilot Program, I am a new hire CFI/CFII/MEI. Like all the new hires, I’m answering phones and doing office work in Jacksonville -- waiting for a slot to open up at one of the So. Cal locations (Long Beach, Riverside) so I can get back home to my family.

We were just told about a new program that ATP is going to announce in the next week or so. The new ASAP program is a condensed version of the one that we currently offer. It will give you 5 hours of dual in the sim, 10 hours of dual in the aircraft, and 25 hours of cross-country time. That’s ground school, 35 hours of multi and 5 hours of sim for $3495. You aren’t going to beat PIC multi time in a Garmin 430 GPS and HSI equipped Seminole for less than $100 per hour.

The requirements are: 250 hours total time, 10 hours of multi in the last 6 months, a Multi-Commercial Instrument rating, and instrument currency/proficiency. It’s a great time builder for those who are looking to improve their resume. If you don’t have your Multi-Commercial, we can do that for you in 4 days time – doing the rating with us also gives you the 10 hours multi required for the new ASAP Program.

The program takes 7 days to complete, and there’s no limit to how many 35-hour blocks you can buy. If you need 100 hours total but can’t take the time off to do it all at once, this will give you a way to break it up over three 7-day periods. The program will initially be offered at our Jacksonville location. But, we were told that the program would also be offered at a number of locations around the country starting in a month or so.

If you have any questions, call me at 800-255-2877 and I’ll fill you in.

I had no idea I was speaking with commisioned salespeople when I've called up. How much do you make per new sign-up?
Every person that you talk to when you call ATP is a new hire MEI instructor. All of us have gone through the Career Pilot Program and strongly believe in the training that ATP offers. Our only "commision" is helping the company we work for grow -- and creating more opportunity for ourselves once we get placed at a location.

Once placed, we do receive bonuses -- if and when our students pass their checkrides on the first attempt. That is a "commission" which hopefully ensures that our customers get good training at the price promised by our "commisioned salespeople".

The problem with looking for the dirt in every situation, is that as you stop to scour for the bad stuff, the people that are committed and focused on the positives will pass right by you. But, you keep looking -- you're guaranteed to find it here and everywhere else.
Having instructors answer the phones does five things. It allows the instructors to make money while not instructing. It allows instructors to build their student load. It keeps the phones answered so management has time to do management things. It gives the clients another person to talk with. That client can get questions answered, get praise and encouragement, and can get their own instructor alerted about potential problems.

The last thing? One instructor answers the phones. The instructor takes most of the new students that come in the door (slightly different for AllATPs me thinks). At half student load, we start the next instructor on the phones. Instructor #1 fills up the schedule. Instructor #2 moves from part time answering to full time. #2 takes the majority of students that come through the door. Repeat. At instructor #5 it's time to add another airplane. This is the process my flight school is using.

BTW, Socal, I posted the last (I promise!) in a series of questions in the ATP board.

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Not trying to dog ATP(I actually plan to go there after I get my AAP in Aviation Maintenance if I can get the financing[big IF]), but there is actually a place located at Chicago MIDWAY airport(Fly in with the big boys!!!!). They have it for a little less for 100 cross country hours. It is called Midway Aviators( Ive actually heard some good things about them from former students.

Fly dual with another customer: $6,250

Fly solo: $10,000

Its in Piper Twin Comanches and doesnt have the Garmin 430:/ but if you need multi time Ive heard its a good deal.