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At the school or FBO that you fly what is the minimum multi time requirement for insurance purposes. I'm trying to get an idea of how much multi I'm going to have to buy before being able to instruct.
Ugggghhhh - I cringe every time I see this topic come up - I know what you're going thru as I went thru the same thing and know first hand what a pain in the rear end it is. At my FBO it was actaully fairly lax - 250 total/25 multi/10 make and model/5 with an FBO instructor - that was for a Seneca. That was to fly as PIC - not sure what the requirements were to instruct in it but I have a feeling it wasn't that bad.

Another option I looked at when I was low time was to add myself to the insurance. At one of my old FBO's I had a deal almost worked out to have myself added on the insurance policy as a named insured - thus I wouldn't have to meet the open pilot time requirements. The plane was an Aztec and the deal was that if I paid for the increase in the premium the owner would do it for me. I think it would have cost me about $100 a month until I got enough time to qualify under the open pilot clause but it was alot cheaper than buying a bunch of multi time to get enough time to qualify.

Don't know if that angle would work but something that you may look into.

Disclaimer on my previous post - that was a looooong time BEFORE 9/11 - I'm sure things(premiums) have changed.

At FSI the requirement is 200 hours dual given and pass the standarization course (multi-stand is no fun)
Braid - just found out today that the FBO insurance requires 200 hours multi to instruct in the twin. A couple of CFI's got "grandfathered" in at REALLY low times... and they are about to leave (one already has - flying corporate).

So, who knows who they'll get to instruct multi unless they granfather a couple in down the road.
I figured minimum multi time to instruct was around 100 hours, but 200? What am I supposed to do once I get my MEI at a whopping 15 hours multi if I want to build time if most FBOs require 100-200 hours?

I'm thinking I'm going to have to buy 100-200 hours at ATP or ari-ben just to teach multi.
Personally, I think it's a crock myself. I can see the reasoning behind it, but, then again... why give an individual an instructor's rating at 15 or so hours.... and then tell him he can't instruct?

As I said though, the FBO where I train made the "executive decision" to let these two CFI's be included on the insurance for the twin ... I *think* because they did most of their training there IN the twin....

I could be wrong though.

Hell, if you have 200 hours of multi - frig instructing - go for the regionals.