Multi-Engine Time in Freight?

Wait, someone is hiring? In this economy, take whatever you can get. Of the companies that could conceivably be hiring, Ameriflight is the only one I can think of that's going to start you off in a multi. That said, I wouldn't be worried about advancement at this point, I'd be worried about a paycheck. You can learn a lot flying a caravan, 210, or lance. Job-wise, in single pilot 135, the only difference between a single-piston and a multi-turbine is how fast you're going when you're dozing for dollars and how much stuff there is to break.

Don't get me wrong, I like doing 250 to the marker, not worrying about how to handle a forced landing in 1/4 and 200, and (most importantly) scanning the overhead because I have an A/P, but those are luxury items. Get a job where you're treated right and they aren't going to kick you to the curb because business is off. Then hunker down and ride out the Bad Times that are just starting. Later, you can worry about fortifying your resume. Good luck.
Don't get me wrong...I am a long way from even making a resume...I'm just getting started on my Privte License...I'm just trying to get an idea of what kind of career paths are out there.
Don't worry about that right now. Because remember that any advice you get right now will not totally be worth it by the time that you get to the min times for 135. If you want to fly multi-freight then get on with any of the big freight companies. Ram Air, Flight Express, Airnet (they should be hiring by that point............HOPEFULLY), or others. I would give you more but I don't know all the companies out there. I know that you wanna lay out your career path but just remember that the most important day for you is tomorrow and the next flight. Just keep pluging away and once you get close to the multi commercial then start looking. Then is when you should take stock on the freight enviornment.

I know that you don't want to make anybody mad and I don't see that. Please don't think that I am getting up on a soap box and trying to beat you down but just remembe that things change quite often in this industry. When I started college I knew that I didn't want to fly for the airlines and now I am flying for a freight company that I didn't even know existed two years ago. Now I am one of the top 15 pilots in the company, seniority wise. So keep pluging away and use JC to your advantage. Troll the message boards gaining as much knowledge as you can.