MSFS2002 question


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Hey guys, I am working on X-wind landings, and getting a good flow going in the pattern... the flight sim has been a great tool to practice but I am unable to get any winds on mine.

Under the "create your own flight" option i go to the wx screen and put winds at moderate but then when i click OK and go back to the "fly now" screen the winds always stay at Calm. i did this under global and local and no matter what i set it to I always get calm and clear on the "fly now" screen.

Anyone else have this problem? Any help?

Thanks, Tim
Click 'clear all weather' before you change anything. That should do the trick.

BTW the best practice would probably be to just go up on a windy day with your instructor.
Yep...nothing can substitute for that howling, gusty crosswind on a hot and bumpy summer day! Yee haw!!!!
I tried that but it still doesnt do anything for the winds, just leaves them at calm. although i can get some cool clouds and windless thunderstorms to appear. Too bad this no-wind problem isnt the real world!

As for going up on a windy day, i did that this morning. 16kt winds made for some interesting approaches.

Thanks though, maybe i should just read my books some more

Anyone got a cheap joystick or joystick advice for MSFS? I've got 2002 but no joystick which is pretty pointless. Thinking of getting a joystick now that I've saved up to get my other aviation stuff (Kershner 8th edition; newest Gleim test prep; used Jepp textbook)....

The joystick is probably not good when I'm just learning VFR PPL type stuff... but maybe it will get me used to maneuver entry configurations and speeds (memorized / walked through in the Jepp PPL maneuvers manual I also have).

Whaddya think?
I run FS2002 and have no problem with the wind setting. Try re-installing the program, since bugs that appear/disappear with installations are known on an occasional basis.
One thing FS2k2 is not good for is x-wind. May be with pedals but I doubt it. But anyways what you need to do for the wind:

1. clear all WX
2. set a layer for the wind. If I remember correctly there is a layer, or more layers for wind, visibility and clouds. Make sure the layer is from the surface up to at least the traffic pattern.
3. define wind speed, gust, and wind direciton.

Probably your wind layer started higher than surface and that is why you did not get any winds.

I think that is it. If it did not work let me know.
Hey a why not just rin the real weather feature on Fs 2002 and pull up the ATIS information for your specified airport and work on them that way.............If any of you get the chance check out this cool website.

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Make sure you set the wind layer so that it reaches the ground, like set it from 0 to 500ft (providing the airport is close to sea level) I don't usally mess with that cause I just download real weather using a free program called 'ActiveSky 2002' it updates every 5 mins or upon reaching a new station.

As for a joystick, I have a Logitech Wingman force feed back, the z-axis tends to be a bit buggy though (twist stick for rudder) but that can be over come by having auto-cordination turned on, or in my case using rudder peddels. It has enough buttons to control trim, flaps, gear, change views and has a throttle.

Actually they're not really rudder peddels but gas and brake peddels for my steering wheel, I was estatic when I found out FS2k2 supported more than one control device and I could use them as peddels. It's quite good getting used to steering with your feet and applying right rudder under high power settings and low speeds.
Do you have an FSUIPC module installed? If so, check under the wind tab to verify that you have not selected a check box for suppressing surface winds.

I had the same problem is FS2K (trying to create surface winds that refused to appear), and I found this as the simple solution.