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Does It Really Matter....?
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I am halfway (hopefully) thru my IR training and still find myself occasionally getting that motion sickness problem. I had another flight today and it happened again. I am not getting sick, buit when that feeling hits, I start to lose my concentration and endup getting behind the plane during the approach. I have thought about getting the relief band. Does anyone have any insight/pointers to help in avoiding the problem in the future.
I fought headaches and nausea (never actually vomiting) throughout my instrument training. I attribute it to the hood (I used the Jeppesen flip shades), because when I fly in IMC I dont have that problem. I never did understand it, and was relieved when I didnt have to wear the hood for every stinkin lesson.

You might try Ginger capsules. They seem to do the trick when I'm feeling a little woozy. Also, make sure you don't go on an empty stomach. Eat something light, like a nutrition bar about a half hour before you go up...

I have, however, heard good things about 'relief bands'... May be worth giving a shot...

Good luck!

I am a CFI-I (Gosh, I love saying that now....
), and I thought I was over it...until my checkride!! I thought I was going to have to tell him we would finish later....once we got in the bumps and the wind, I was feeling like crap!!

Now, all truth be told, it was a horrible day, and when you add that to the nerves I had that day, and you're asking for trouble!!!

Alot of people will tell you their ways to get over it, and I say try them all. But eventually, you will learn to cope with it.

Me? Well, I guess it doesn't bother me because I'm such a smooth, precise instrument

Come on, everyone should toot their own horn at least once a day!!!!
I would always get that way when my instructor set me up in an unusual attitude under the hood. Lots of cool air coming in the vent seemed to help me.
Everytime the hood is too tight, I start to get a headache, and lose concentration. After I loosen it, I always feel a LOT better.
I had serious problems with motion sickness when I started training for my Instrument Rating last Spring. I could last 30mins under the hood tops before feeling really ill (and like you said, once that happens your concentration goes completely and the lesson effectively has ended at that point) . I took the plunge and bought the Relief Band (I was desperate for a solution). The next Lesson I took was almost 3 hours under the Hood with no problems. The relief band was very effective for me. Make sure you get the one that lets you change the batteries... the quoted 144 hours of effective use is a tad optimistic.
before every big flight, ie with my mom, with an examiner, or for a stage check my left leg goes ape-sh** on me. it wont stop jittering...literrally bouncing on the rudder pedal. its hard to do my runup and preflight with that happening, but as soon as i am airborne it always goes away. kinda weird.