Most desired instructor locations?


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Hey, does anyone know what the most desirable instructor locations are? Are there certain locations that everyone requests and are hard to get a spot at? Just wondering so I could get an idea of where I might end up after the 90 day program. I would really like to end up in Las Vegas or anywhere west of Dallas really, I hate the south and the east coast!! Not much snowboarding in Alabama. If anyone knows the locations that nobody wants - please post em!


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There is no premeir location that everyone wants. Most of the time its just people who want to go back to where their families are. But if you're unattached I guess the career pilot locations are more desireable because housing is already set up for you.

I am at Jax right now, but eventually I would like to get back home to So. California.



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Were you the guy answering phones at JAX? I think I may have talked to you on Tuesday. I was the guy from South Texas with a load of seemingly easy questions about the PPL program.