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<font color="green"> </font color> A few questions maybe somebody could answer please:

Are hot-plates and/or microwaves allowed in the dorm rooms? If not, is there some kind of communal area where they have these?

Is there a standardized jacket or windbreaker (i.e. black) for when it gets cooler?

In the brochures I've received, the pants of the students are grey. Was that an old uniform or did I receive a bad copy or something? Confirm that black khaki or similar type pants are allowed, and I don't have to buy them from the school?

During my tour last year, they were talking about how every student would have to register their car or get their drivers license in Florida(maybe both). Is this still the case?

Thanks in advance. I think I've finally made up my mind about coming to Vero instead of going to ATP. /ubbthreads/images/icons/grin.gif <font color="green"> </font color>
I went to register my car in FL and they tried to charge me sales tax on a purchase made in PA, so I told them to get lost!

It's not fact, most people have out of state tags.

Windbreaker is black they sell them at the school (I would imagine any all black windbreaker would be acceptable... better ask)
Student pants are grey.

I never heard anything about changing car registration or getting an FL license. Lots of out of state plates in the lots.
Grey are the pants except for instructors who wear Navy blue. Windvreakers are black and I think they have to be the uniform ones. Hot plates are not allowed. Some dorms are equipped with stoves, but also cost more. Every dorm room has a microwave. Talk to Dennis Fowler about the dorms. He is in charge of on-campus housing and can tell you everything about every room they offer. PM with any more questions about the dorm. i live in a single bungalow on-campus. Good Luck and Good Decision on FSI!
Thanks for the replies. I was thinking for some reason that the pants for everybody were black. I guess I'll get FSA's pants, and epaulets, and get the shirts and tie elsewhere.
If you can get hold of a US Navy issue black tie, they are cheap and perfect for the job. A little better than what they sell for that matter....
What you don't like our polyster ties? What the fact that they're almost impossible to tie into a nice looking knot? Or is it the fact that they just look cheap? /ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif
All of the above...

Plus, I like the knowledge that some worm somewhere grunted out a whole lotta high-quality silk just so I could look "dapper". It's kind of a way of enjoying being at the top of the food chain, rather than at the bottom. Or should I say silk chain? Consider it my hunting substitute.


Okay, maybe I am a bit too tired to be posting right now....