More Questions for FSI Students/Instructors


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1. Are the instructors on a set 8-5 type schedule and if not, how is their schedule laid out?

2. Are there designated areas for training you are assigned each day for maneuvering or is there just one big area everybody goes to?

3. What are some of the nearby airports students go to for practice approaches etc?

4. Are instructors expected to be at the academy regardless of if their students are flying or training on a particular day(salaried type position)?

Thanks in advance
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I am fairly new at FSI, but I can give you a few answers.

1. Instructors schedules very from person to person, but I know duel time is going on from sunup to late evening. From what I can tell individual flying times are very much up to the CFI and student.

2. There are about a dozen specific practice areas used. Each depending a little on what kind of flight it is, altitude, etc. When you arrive you will get the FSI Training Regs that give you all the info as well as the answer to your next question.

3. The Regs list the approved airports for FSI use. Other than the large class B airports and many small airparks etc, most FL and some GA are listed in the regs for use. There are a few like Sebastian to the north which are allowed only for duel flights.

4. Cant help you with this one.

Hope this helps a little. If you want the specifics I will be happy to scan the airport lists and practice area chart and email them to you.
1. The instructors are not on a set 8-5 schedule, and don't have to be at the flight line if they don't have students. My day starts as early as 6AM and sometimes as late as noon. If students are night flying, I'm coming in late. We do our own scheduling and have a reasonable amount of flexability.

2. Nearby airports for approaches are FPR, MLB, TIX, and F45. Most FSI students do their instrument training in the Semionole, so we can also reach Orlando and West Palm Beach easily. Good mix of approaches. As for landing practice Sebastian, Valkaria, FPR, SUA, OBE, and MLB are closest.
Thanks again for all the info!
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#3. Practice approaches (IAP) are popular at Melbourne and Ft. Pierce.
#4. Instructors don't have to stay at school unless they're physically needed there; for example a dual flight or a brief. And, no, they are not on a salary.