more on the subject of advanced degrees


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In one of the posts I read about the degree and how important it is for a major airline career. I liked the analogy "going to a gunfight with a knife."

My question is aout advanced degrees beyond the BA level. I have heard that if you have an advanced degree they will prefer you over a candidate who doesn't have one (flight qualifications being equal).

The other side of this argument is that the interview is the deciding factor. If they like you you're in - if not it doesn't even matter if you are a Harvard Grad.

Any comments?
i would think an advanced degree would really only matter if if meant something personal to you or you could truly apply it... ex: in a corporate sense, where down the road you could head up a flight dept (w/ MBA). don't know where you're at, but if you're mostly looking to pick up a commercial job, your cash is probably better spent getting certifications and flying hours... a masters will probably set you back $15-40k... if you've got the disposable income and the time, have at it i guess.

incidentally, i might look into one myself in the future, but first i'm focused on getting my foot in the commercial door and not breaking the bank... i guess that wife 'n kids will take priority whenever that happens though