More furloughs at Atlantic Coast!


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The president of ACA announced today that there will be an additional 101 pilots furloughed, bringing the total to 197. This pretty much comes up to over 10% of the pilot workforce.
For anybody not familiar with the issues, ACA was unsuccessful in forcing United Airlines to re-affirm our contract to provide United Express service. Because of this, the company has been unable to take scheduled deliveries of CRJ aircraft for which pilots had already been hired and trained to fly. The resulting over-staffing has left the company with no choice but to furlough. The latest word is that we have been able to secure financing for eight more CRJ's, but that has not been officially announced, and the latest furlough announcement came out this very afternoon. Some of the president's letter is posted below, I did not include all of the content, but the reduction of staff announcements are there. Sorry, folks, but the bad times are getting worse.

April 14, 2003

To All ACA Employees,

I know you are aware of the fact that our company is in the midst of a total top-to-bottom cost reduction program—designed to make ACA much more competitive against other regional airlines, and to give us every possible chance of success as we move through this period of extraordinary uncertainty. We are looking at every avenue within all departments for potential cost savings, and have assigned over 40 of our managers to lead these cost reduction projects.

Unfortunately, one of the most unsettling parts of any program like this is the need to reduce our total payroll expenses—through a combination of several initiatives:

· We have reduced salaries and bonuses for senior management, department managers and most salaried employees
· We have indefinitely suspended our $hare the $uccess bonus program
· We have instituted restrictions on hiring—with job postings taking place only with the approval of senior management, and many vacant positions being left open or eliminated altogether
· A total of 96 pilots have been officially notified of a furlough process as outlined by their collective bargaining agreement—and we have notified ALPA that 101 additional pilot furloughs will be required at this point
· A number of other people throughout our entire company have also been notified that their positions are being eliminated as part of a reduction in force (RIF) program. So far, we have eliminated over 50 positions. Through job consolidations, transfers and other adjustments, the total number of people who are actually leaving the company is only about half that total.
· We are also aware that based on our reduced schedule, we have about 90 more customer service employees at IAD than we will need for the ongoing future. These positions will be eliminated as well. Although we are hoping that the majority can be accomplished as the result of voluntary leaves and unfilled open positions, at least some furloughs at Dulles are probably inevitable.
Holy cow.

My pal had just made "Dork Jet" captain and purchased a home too but I guess he at least still has a job.
Doug, hate to tell you bro, but now there is going to be a "Bump and Flush" so your friend may just land back in the right seat.

Dork-Jet is awesome! I want one of those when I grow up!

I still have to work out the numbers with the seniority list, but as of now I might end up as the most senior pilot to be furloughed!
Bob called on the telephone a few nights ago while I was out and didn't sound too good.

How deep are the furloughs going in terms of hire dates?
I can answer that. I think that anyone after my class of 7-5-02 will be affected. I'm about ten numbers from the cut.
Dave, which seniority list did you use to determine that? I think the most recent one published by the company is 1Q 2003, so until they publish 2Q or produce a list and give it to the MEC (maybe by the end of this week) I dont know how we can be certain. I have already heard about three different numbers from three different people who have worked them out. One thing is for sure, if it doesnt get us, it is gonna be real close! I really wonder what is going to happen with a bump-and-flush and whether or not I will keep my seat on the RJ or go to something else if I do stay. Bad times, but I'm keeping my chin up and not letting this get the best of me. How are things over on the Dulles side of the world?
The chief pilot's office at IAD has a furlough list that you can ask to see. It's like a reverse seniority list. I looked after the first furloughs were announced and I was #207.