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The NTSB reported yesterday they are looking at two additional excursions with Airbus A330s. One with NW (Delta) and one with TAM.

The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating

two recent incidents in which airspeed and altitude

indications in the cockpits of Airbus A-330 aircraft may

have malfunctioned.

The first incident occurred May 21, 2009, when TAM Airlines

flight 8091 (Brazilian registration PT-MVB) flying from

Miami, Florida to Sao Paulo, Brazil, experienced a loss of

primary speed and altitude information while in cruise

flight. Initial reports indicate that the flight crew noted

an abrupt drop in indicated outside air temperature,

followed by the loss of the Air Data Reference System and

disconnections of the autopilot and autothrust, along with

the loss of speed and altitude information. The flight crew

used backup instruments and primary data was restored in

about 5 minutes. The flight landed at Sao Paulo with no

further incident and there were no injuries and damage.

The Safety Board has become aware of another possibly

similar incident that occurred on June 23 on a Northwest

Airlines A-330 (registration unknown) flying between Hong

Kong and Tokyo. The aircraft landed safely in Tokyo; no

injuries or damage was reported. Data recorder information,

Aircraft Condition Monitoring System messages, crew

statements and weather information are being collected by

NTSB investigators.

Further information on both incidents will be released when

it becomes available.


NTSB Public Affairs

(202) 314-6100

Ted Lopatkiewicz
...and here is an interesting Falcon 900 video. Note the failure messages scrolling and unscrolling in the upper left.

ADC failures can be caused by so many things ranging from the actual unit failing to any of the multiple inputs failing. When I was still an FO I lost my ADC (and all the info on my side) because a ramper who washed I window leaned the ladder up against a still hot probe and melted duct tape over the static hole.

That said, these reports sound more like actual ADC issues than input data problems.