More Charities for Troops


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This was sent out by our family support office - other ways to help our vets this holiday season (and beyond):

Projects to assist deployed members:
Operation Shoe Box - Created by a Belleview FL woman who is mother of 5 on active duty -

Operation Care Package - co-sponsored by USO and Bass Pro Shops - or

Attn: Any Soldier - Seeks donations of hand warmers, inflatable pillows, all-weather or emergency blankets, anti-bacterial wipes, and Beanie Babies for soldiers to give to Iraqi children -

Operation Military Pride -

Operation Hero Miles - 7 airlines signed up to a program launched so people can donate their frequent flier miles for troops coming home on emergencies or R&R. They can get to the port free, but must pay for the additional travel themselves.

Operation Phone Home - sponsored by USO, supplies free phone cards to troops overseas.

Operation Desert Smile - co-sponsored by USO & Reader's Digest to distribute $500,000 of snacks, toiletries, books, CDs, etc to troops -

Operation Military Care - Organized by U.S. War Dogs Association, it is devoted to supporting the American war canines and their handlers in Iraq. Looking for rope toys, tennis balls, dog combs & brushes, jerky, biscuits and large size dog booties, and funds to assist in shipping costs.

Gifts from the Homefront - Organized by the Pentagon's PX and base exchanges, this project turns donations into gift certificates that troops can use at the BXs in the Gulf or elsewhere.

Gift of Groceries - Similar program by Defense Commissary Agency, this provides gift certificates for troops or for family members back home to use in commissaries.

Fisher House - Established 'comfort homes' on the grounds of centers where families of those wounded in Iraq & elsewhere can stay. Funds to pay for lodging costs, and a fund for the spouses & children of those who die in defense of their country. Also has an on-line guestbook where people can send messages of encouragement & thanks.