Mmmmmm Ice Cream


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I was doing some research on the Berkshire Hathaway company (owners of FlightSafety). Did you know that in addition to owning NetJets, they also own Dairy Queen? How bout some coupons Warren!!


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I didn't see RE on the's a *HUGE* reinsurance group Berk bought a little while back. Mr. Buffett said he's looking to unload/dismantle it ASAP....big loss for the company. Warren Buffett is a personal hero of mine....started with nothing, now the second richest man in the world. Still lives in Omaha where he grew up.

BTW, Berkshire Hathaway (symbol:BRKa) closed at, hold on to your hats, $67,750 per share today! Here's the chart:

Chunk<---Goal to own a share or two someday!