Mistake on license or reg. change?


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Got my instrument rating in May. The examiner and I did the 8710 via IACRA and on my temp cert. it read "Private Pilot: Airplane Single and Multi Engine Land. Instrument Airplane. Limitations: Multi Engine VFR only." However, when I received my plastic copy from the FAA there was no such limitation and it just reads instrument airplane. Whichs means I can legally fly a multi engine aircraft IFR...but I never did my single engine approach for my multi engine instrument. Was there a regulation change somewhere along the way that I missed or just an error on the FAA?


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I think that would be an error on the FAA's part..I know if you do your Instrument ride in a Multi it carries over to SEL privelages but not the other way around..Funny story, there was a student who took his CMEL check-ride and the examiner gave him a CMEL AND CSEL when he has never even done a Chandelle or Lazy 8 in his life. He thought since he did his initial Commercial in a Multi it would automatically carry over to single. I think that only works for an instrument rating..


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I would contact your local FSDO, explain to them your situation and see what you need to do. I doubt there has been a reg change, especially when it is in regards to obtaining an IFR rating in a Multi-Engine aircraft. Both of those ratings can lead to grave consequences for an inexperienced ticket holder.

Secondly, if you were to get checked somehow, I don't think "The kind folks on jetcareers said it was okay cuz that's what your license says" would go over very well with the FAA. (I doubt anyone here would say that but.. you never know.)

Remember, and this is what I would have told one of my students back in the day, having a pilots license is a privilege, one that you have invested hard earned cash into and worked so hard to achieve. It can be taken away and and can, in a worst case cost you and/or others their lives.

The ability to make accurate decisions that are within your limitations is what you have been given. So most certainly don't take any chances when it comes to the Feds. I would recommend getting it straightened out before you make any more flights on that questionable certificate, IFR OR VFR, SE or ME.


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I definately would contact the FSDO or the Examiner that gave you the checkride. I believe their is a mistake on the license.