JSFirm Mission Coordinator

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Northrop Grumman Technical Services San Diego, California:

Coordinates all mission support from mission scenario development to live operational support to post-mission debrief and evaluation.
Responsible for development, production, and continuous update of written, photographic, and videotape training aids and materials for mission planning; familiarization of aircrews with range capabilities, assets, and operational procedures with detailed debriefings. Supports planning and coordination for agencies participating in or supporting training operations on the range complex. Complies with contract requirements and takes action when necessary to correct deficiencies. Attends premission conferences for users and support groups. Coordinates with range scheduling for TACTS/EW asset requirements. Provides for equipment operator training for RTO and other on-site personnel in operation of ADDS console. Conducts equipment demonstrations for authorized personnel. Performs RTO functions when squadron RTOs are not available.
Supports users and support groups in conducting live missions, which includes assistance with developing training scenarios, coordination of fleet exercises, coordinating integrated air defense system functions and their implementation. Implements and administers a means of effective, rapid, and comprehensive method of distributing TACTS/EW mission scenarios and updates. Implements a method of providing feedback on mission results such as weapon scoring, kills, and EW countermeasures effectiveness. Provides post-mission debriefings. Ensures mission data reduction support is provided. Compiles a daily after-action mission summary of training assets scheduled and used with explanations of deviations. Includes RTO comment sheets. Conducts RTO Certification Training.

Maintains the Automated Spectrum Planning, Engineering, Coordination, and Tracking System (ASPECTS) and/or SECTRUM-XXI frequency management databases and maintains a listing of all frequency assignments on the range with renewal dates and requests renewal from the responsible government frequency manager. Maintains and on-line database for all active and authorized frequencies used on the range. Participates in range frequency/spectrum meetings as requested.

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