Mission Aviation?


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My wife and I have been considering doing some mission work. I would love to fly for a Mission Aviation organization but have noticed that many require an A&P license. Is this just a mandatory requirement to do that kind of work or are there ways of getting around it? Would love to hear from anyone who has any experience!
where do you live and what certificates do you hold? I may have something for you.
I'm also very interested in flying missions, though my wife has never lived overseas (I grew up all over the world) and she is very apprehensive about it... I don't really feel called to do it right now, but I'm definately keeping my options open. For now I'm just pursuing my ratings to fly commercially in some capacity, don't know if I'll ever do aviation missions.

The 2 largest operaters are MAF and JAARS (part of Wycliffe -> photo to the left is a JAARS Helio). I think they both require a commercial w/500 hrs, 50 hrs tailwheel, 50 hrs high-perf, and an A&P. You'll be working on your own plane in the field. They mostly fly 185's, and 206's with a short-field kit; JAARS have some Helios (they are getting old but probably the most capable bush planes around - 25 kt controllable flight).

Usually spouses are just as involved as pilot/mechanics, and work as dispatchers, schedulers, parts ordering, and everything else. The most important thing for both people is to be doing it for the right reasons - not for the flying (which is probably some of the most exciting out there) but for the chance to spread the Gospel!
About seven years ago I applied and was accepted by Mission Aviation Fellowship. Because of personal reasons, my wife and I decided not to go (absolutely nothing to do with the organization).

They do require you to have your A&P and be fairly proficient, and no way around it. There's quite an in depth evaluation for both flight and maintenance. I've talked to friends about JAARS and their eval. is just as thorough.

Top notch organizations. They're not accident free, but for the type of flying they do, they have a great safety record.

AirServe Int'l is one organization that doesn't require an A&P (I don't think). Their minimums are a little higher, though. I don't know as much about them.

Happy to help if you have any other questions about it.