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Anyone here ever considered looking into atc training and placement through minneapolis comm college? I am thinking about it, but have some questions. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who knows anything about the programs there. Please let me know.


this is what i am considering: http://db.mctc.mnscu.edu/aviation/
Ya, I thought about it a few years ago. From what I know you only get placed into centers, but you dont have to go to the FAA academy. I have also heard that some centers such as ABQ, controllers have to work six days a week because of low staffing, so think long and hard before going to a center. But the minn thing is cool because its quick. With the CTI program you have to get an AA degree from the school which takes more time. The more I hang-out with the controllers at the airport I work at(CMA) I think that would be a good career but I also wanna fly. Hope that helps and good luck.
What is the cti program? the program i was looking at online looked like it was only 26 credits and 4 mnths long. The more i consider my options the more appealing it sounds...and having to work 6 days a week sounds like nothing more than job security....which now a days sounds really nice. I am going to go check out washington center this week and see how i like it. ill let you know what i decide.
Their building is located at the field that I fly out of (KFCM). At times it can get pretty busy. There are several busy FBO's with training and a few of them have a lot of jet traffic. The late afternoon, evening gets busy with the King Air/Citation business traffic coming back home for the night.
What is the cti program?

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The CTI program is the other way that the FAA hires controllers, its a group of colleges that you take ATC classes and then go to the FAA academy for like 6 or 8 weeks(something like that). FAA ATC Career Info
this link goes to the FAA page that has links to both the CTI program and the MCTC-ACTC programs. Both have advantages. Two of the controllers at the airport I work at went to the CTI program, one says that any private pilot would know more then they teach you. Also, a college that is part of the CTI program in PA has its own tower and you can get a tower operators w/ facility rating before graduation
but I have no idea how long it is.

Let me know how the visit to the center was. That is something that I wanna do, and the controllers I know say I should do it, but every time I call LA center they so because of security that they cant allow visits