Minimum Age For ATP Written


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I just called and tried to schedule an ATP written and CAT's said you had to be 21 to take the ATP WRITTEN. Can anyone confirm this? Is there anyway around it? Thanks.
The written is only good for 2 years and you need to be 23 to take the ATP practical.
You have to be 23 to be eligible for an ATP. Youd have to take the written again if you took it prior to 21 so whats the point?
Sec. 61.35 — Knowledge test: Prerequisites and passing grades.

(iii) Date of birth, which shows the applicant meets or will meet the age requirements of this part for the certificate sought before the expiration date of the airman knowledge test report; and

Now 61.153(a)(2) States it's 21 to get a restricted. So the ATP Written is good for two years.

I called the FAA about this today, and he was in complete agreement. He's getting his manager involved and will call me back.
Read my above post. CAT has now contacted OKC about this, as they agree with what I'm saying HOWEVER, they need it to be defined by the FAA before they can change it.

It's now 21 to get a R-ATP. The test is good for two years. (61.35) III and 61.159/160.
Sorry. Your original post asked us to confirm the current regulation...inwhich I did. Currently the reg still says 21. Maybe they haven't caught up with the RATP yet? Idk...but as of right now, when you look the reg up it clearly states 21 for written. Regardless of what the RATP "practical" requirements are.

But I agree with you. If you can take the R-ATP practical at 21 then you should be able to take thu written sooner. Makes since.
Right, well it seems like the link you gave me was deprived from the original FAR, 61.35. In which it makes sense, and even more sense now to change it to 19.
It's actually 18, according to the FARs


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