Military pay question


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I have a unique question about how military pay would work.

I am in the Marine reserve (enlisted) and am transfering to the Coast Guard (commision) as a pilot. (no break in service)

The question is will I be paid as an 0-1 with "less than 2 years" or as an 0-1 with "more than six years"

Since my initial entry date was 6 years ago into the military does that time count? or since it was reserve time and also as an enlisted does the "clock" reset so to speak on the pay chart?

Any help or insight is appreciated.


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You will be paid O-1E pay at 6 years. Now, how the hell did you get a pilot slot in the Coast Guard? I thought they only took prior service, military trained, pilots.


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I thought they only took prior service, military trained, pilots.
No, definitely not. They take untrained guys as applicants, and they go through the Navy training pipeline when accepted.

One catch I remember being true 15 or so years ago when I looked at applying to the CG, they mandated that you did at least one tour as a boat driver before they sent you to flight school.


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Iam almost certain you need to have at least four years of ACTIVE DUTY status to be paid as an O-1E, otherwise you'll be paid as an O-1 with 6yrs.


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Unless you have 4 years and 1 day Active Duty time then you will not receive O-1E pay. You WILL, however, be an O-1 with 6 years or whatever you have. Makes for a nice pay increase.


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Yea thats kind of the way I thought it would work. I was just making sure when you commission from being enlisted that you dont have to "restart" your time since your now newly commissioned. Thanks for the help.