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Okay, quick question or two. I hold a current Flying Class III medical from the USAF. Is this medical 'transcribable' or 'transferrable' in some way towards the FAA medical?

When I get my USAF annual, will this update an FAA medical?

And to be upfront, I don't know if my Flight Surgeon's are civil AMEs or not. I could ask but it's a little hard right now since I'm deployed.

Any information is appreciated.


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Question 1: No

Question 2: Not unless the AF Flight Surgeon also does FAA medicals.

Question 3: The only way to know is ask.

Military flight surgeons do not do Class 1 FAA medicals.


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When I did my FC1 for the USAF a couple months ago, the FAA exam was a separate exam if you needed it. It doesn't sound like they're transferable.


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Thanks for the responses. I'm deployed right now but will check with my FSO when I get back. To see if one of them is an FAA AME.


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There is a proposal going around that the military Class 1 will count for the FAA too (not the 3rd class though) but not sure where it stands right now. I think it's kinda bunk, since the AF class 3 is WAY MORE intense than the FAA class 1. When I had my first FAA exam, I was floored at how "minimal" it really is. I am used to the "4+ hour exam" from the AF.

Most AF flight surgeons aren't considered AMEs...I was told once that it's because of the training requirements of the techs. I am not sure if there is any truth to it, but after seeing AF flight surgeons for the last 10+ years, I have yet to meet one that is an AME.

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I think the major issues are getting the information into the FAA's computer system as well as knowing the FAA regulations and reporting requirements. As a former military flight surgeon, I know I did not have the time in the military to deal with the FAA system and still do what the commander expected of me.