Are there any talks of our squadron heading to the Gulf?

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Hey MikeD, anything else classified/sensitive you may care to discuss, not many people read these forums. so feel free, who'd know?
They are sending troops to the persian gulf???!!??! Shhhh....don't tell anyone, Sadam might find out.....
, deployments are no longer calssified or even sensitive information.

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military deployment schedules and planning are without a doubt sensitive, even if not classified. once released by the command no problem, to that point however....

you still pissed about the minivan comment?

It's a pretty sensitive area when talking about deployments. Usually before an Public Affairs stint, they will brief you that numbers of aircraft, locations of aircraft, and dates for deployment are not to be discussed. For instance, they may allow you to say that you are deploying, but not when and where.

Now, a prudent man would take that and be VERY careful. As you'll see on TV, General Franks stopped giving the media any sort of details because someone said something they shouldn't have. Honestly, it's about time they take classified information for what it is....classified!

Actually, I mentioned tonight though that I've been very impressed with the media so far. When watching all the reporters on the ground, I've heard numberous time "I can't say for operational security". Good on them. Maybe they won't get all the middle fingers they got during the first Gulf War.

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I asked a question for MikeD to answer. If this information is classified than telling me that in a polite manner would have been just fine. I would like to hear about how the guys in uniform are doing over there, either MikeD or some of his friends. How I personally feel about the conflict is irrelevant, I still hope that all of our guys all come home safe. I have not been on this forum for very long, but I am quickily begining to feel very unwelcomed here based not on my love of aviation but differing opinions on political issues. My post was in the military section because I have no desire to be involved in the sh@! throwing in the Squakbox. If having a discussion about military aviators in the gulf is not going to be possible without attracting unwanted insults then simply let me know and I will go to another site. I frequent jet careers for a love of aviation not a love of debate. Thank you.

CMartin do you still have any friends in the Army over there?
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I mentioned tonight though that I've been very impressed with the media so far. When watching all the reporters on the ground, I've heard numberous time "I can't say for operational security".

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I was screaming at the TV yesterday when a Reporter was with the (3rd infantry?) and saying. WE are in southern Iraq I can't tell you where but they just took out three observation posts so the thy coldn't pass the word that we are headed to Baghdad..(or something to that effect)

But you can't tell you where you are huh?

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How do you and your friends feel about how the administration is running the war so far? I have heard some media reporting strong differences between the Commanders and the White House. Do you feel they are giving the military the ability to carry out the objective without too much interference? I remember my father and his buddies telling outrageous stories of flying into North Vietnam and blowing up one building every day at the same time and following the same flight path in and out. That in it self would not have been so bad if it were not for the SAM site that was off limits right next door. Hope those kind of events don't happen again! I have yet to hear from any of my friends but as of last month I did get the impression that some of them had some concerns about the administration giving them the resources they needed. Most of them were pretty skeptical of Rumsfeld and were fearfull that he might try to run the show too much.

If anything is top secret please just refrain comment instead of opening fire.
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I bet there is a good target isolated out in the desert to perform another test of the MOAB...I wonder if they will do it...
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For those who want to know how deployment is....

Well... lets just say it really suck( as a ground pounder..... lots of hard work...long Hour.. Lots of stress .. Everything Happens Fast.. Danger level is higher.. Things Change Quickly and you have to adjust quickly or bad things happen... I'm only 20 and the responsible for so much.. I am Challenged every day...

I Sometimes i wish i was a Civillian... !!!