Mike Geisler, Delta Pilot, Passes away


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It is with sadness that I relay this information to you. I knew mike, a great pilot, fun guy to fly with; a good person. I’m sure that all of you that knew him concur. He loved flying, especially loved flying for Delta and everyone he worked with here. Mike passed away on Tuesday. I have reprinted his obituary from the Salt Lake Tribune below. A memorial service is on Sunday, time and location below. Silver Creek Road is at the highway 40 exit just north of I-80. Delta winter uniform is authorized to wear and would be appreciated by the family. In lieu of flowers, donations to a wounded veterans association are appreciated; specifics will be announced at the memorial service. If you cannot make the service, contact me and I can forward the charity information to you.
Michael William Geisler "Mikey" Michael William Geisler, age 56, of Oakley, UT passed away on Tuesday, October 21, 2008.He was born on November 14, 1951 in Denver, Colorado and grew up near Steamboat Springs, Colorado. He began his successful career as a KC-130 pilot in the United States Air Force where he met his lifelong wife Shelia and retired with over 20 years of service from the Air Force Reserves. In August of 1980, he was hired by Delta Airlines and retired in May 2005 as a Captain on the Boeing 757-767. Mike is survived by his wife Shelia, son Jonathan and daughter Jennifer. His son, Jonathan, chose to follow in his father's footsteps and is now a United States Marine Corps Attack Helicopter pilot living in San Diego, CA. His daughter, Jennifer, lives in Salt Lake City and will forever be her daddy's little girl. Mike will always be remembered for his big heart, strong work ethic, and complete love and devotion to his wife and children. "You will always be loved and very, very missed Daddyo." Memorial Services will be held on Sunday, October 26, 2008 at the Mountain Life Evangelical Free Church, 7375 Silvercreek Road in Park City, Utah at 3:00 p.m. Online condolences may be sent to the family at www.holbookmortuary.com


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Sorry to hear about that, he sounds like a great guy. Clear skies Capt. Geisler.


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OMG!! I cant believe it. I knew him. Not well by any means, but enough to know that we was very nice and a great person. I believe he was flying for Skywest.

I met him in Oct. 2005, in SLC at a Skywest Interview. He took the early retirement at DL. When i talked to him at the interview, he told me he never applied to skywest and he didnt know how they contacted him, but he heard good things about the company so he showed up anyway. We did the CRM portion of the interview process. And we kept in touch via email after the interview. We swam in the pool for about 8-10 months.

He gave me great advice and I valued everything he had to say. I was very close to asking him to be my mentor.

Its very unfortunate to hear about this. My thoughts are with his family.



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Mike was my Dad's best friend and his former copilot on the KC-135. He was there at the hospital at Wurtsmith AFB when I was born. I have literally known him my entire life. My brother and Mike's son John were best friends when they were younger too.

Mike's death is a tragedy. He was a fantastic guy that would do anything for you. Truly, one of the best people around. We will miss him.

My family and I would be going to Salt Lake on Sunday but, my aunt also just passed away and the funeral is on the same day here in Atlanta. This week has really sucked all the way the around.