Midwest Future?


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So really I am more concerned with the Midwest part of this question. But I noticed today on APC that it was officially 75% of their pilot group in which will be furloughed effective just before Thanksgiving. With that being done and all the flying now over to a regional in RAH/SKW it has made me wonder what is being done by the pilot group of midwest and also has anything new of it?

I know we all see things happening right now in the industry. Many pilots on the street. Mesa stock selling at 25 cents a share, RAH going to HA and random things occuring. It just made me wonder more about Midwest and what truely is going on over there to prevent any more of their flying, if not the rest of their flying, from being outsourced completely.


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I feel for the Midwest guys and girls.

Visiting with them really put a humanistic side to things. A shame what is happening to a number of great, small town, American companies due to the various instruments of out-sourcing.

Just a shame really, some of the stories really got me choked up. They're a tough bunch, but they're not as tough as the managament team.


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Ditto with what Surreal said. With doing a lot of Midwest flying, I've been able to talk to many of the pilots and hear their valid frustrations and concerns for their future and the company. 75% is a staggering # of furloughs and I don't really have any idea how they can get them back. Much of the culprit is obviously management using the agreement with us as a whipsaw in hopes of getting more concessions, but I think even with them, they'd still be in terrible shape. RAH loaned them a chunk of change, but at this point, I think it's only going to prolong the obvious...who knows.


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Timmy is just another name to blacklist in aviation history. He is single handly destroying his own creation for the greater good of this retirement package.