Midwest and looking

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Located in the Midwest and looking
Pic types in 525/560XL/B190/DO228 all PIC typed.

I understand it’s not the right time to be picky but won’t know unless I asked. Even if they aren’t hiring now it’s someone I can keep in touch with later on.
Ideally looking for:

91/135 operators
less then 500 hrs/year
99% of flying is west of the Mississippi River or west of a line starting at Cleveland through Atlanta ending at New Orleans. Not totally against the east coast and open to an occasional at least a (once a month) trip.
Operator must be located/based west of said lines above obviously
No freight/medevac...been there done that.
An operator that does NOT “float their fleet”
Ideally a place to retire at
No on call but open to on call if it’s needed for a day/weekend once a month
No sitting at airports waiting for a trip
Home almost every night would be great but not required.
Appropriate work/life balance
Will move for the right job especially if all the above criteria are met
Open to commuting but depends on certain circumstances
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