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was wondering if anyone knew anything first hand about the program at Midland College. Been looking into it, just in the process of making all the decisions. Thanks !

-Kyle King
I have request more information but that is about it. I would also like to hear from anyone who has had experience with MESA.
Here is some information I thought I would share with the group that I recieved by e-mail.....

Press Release:


Vice President
New Pro-Focus Training Program Solos First Students
. . . In New High Tech Mooneys

Midland, Texas -- Executives with the new company, Durango Pro-Focus Flight Training, announced that they have begun successfully soloing their first class of students in their aggressive new ab initio pilot training program. The accelerated training is a cooperative program between Mesa Airlines, Midland College, and Durango Airspace.

Chief Flight Instructor Al Galante said, “The first solos of any new program are important benchmarks – but for us, the solos prove our important premise: We can use military precision in brand new high-technology Mooneys and solo students in about the same amount of time that most new students take to solo in simple Cessnas.” He continued, “And obviously, soloing in a 190 knot Mooney puts you much further ahead toward an airline job than soloing in a simple fixed-gear trainer – and that is the whole point of our program.” Galante was formerly Chief Flight Instructor at the U.S. Air Force Academy.

Durango Aerospace was founded by the immedidate past U.S. Air Force Chief of Staff, General Ron Fogleman. The Midland College program launched its first class of students in January, 2002. It is the newest, most progressive flight-training program in the U.S. – and features an “ab initio” teaching syllabus, sophisticated brand new Mooney aircraft, and a guaranteed job interview for students who successfully complete the 19 month, 5 semester program.

Midland College is currently accepting applications for Summer and Fall program applicants. For more information, call 915-685-4661 or go to www.Pro-focusPilots.com.
Anybody got any "gouge" on Midland? I got the packet from them, went through it with a fine tooth comb and emailing back and forth with the director. All sounds great so far, just want to make sure that things will be ok AFTER graduation with the company itself. Looks like this MAPD partner is so new that the first class has yet to go through their turbine training, Im hoping to find someone from the inside...
I've been looking at the Mesa program at San Juan and Midland. They look like great programs. Especially like the Mooneys that you would fly at Midland.

The biggest concern I have with these Mesa schools is Mesa itself, and more specifically, Freedom Airlines, operated by Mesa. There is a great deal of discussion about Freedom and whether working for them will be a career-limiting move. It's something you really have to decide for yourself, since you may be pressured to fly for them at the end of the Mesa program.

For a general view of what ALPA thinks of Freedom, view this link: ALPA's view of Freedom Airlines
Exactly...I've read that before, touchy situation isn't it? It's unfortunate because I'd much rather go to a program like MAPD than a "pilot mill". I would think some of this can be expected in the industry when you hear the average pilot is furloughed twice during their career. However, the whole Freedom thing makes me uneasy about Ornstein's plans for the direction of the company. This just confirms what I've heard so far, awesome training program, questionable management in the company - I'm just waiting to see how it all unfolds. As of now there are two scenarios that would keep me from committing:

1. If US Air buckles under the red tape and liquidates, Mesa drops roughly 45% of its routes, which puts the furloughees ahead of the students on the hiring roster.

2. No choice whatsoever of ground schools; namely being forced into the Freedom pipeline.

Lucky for me I have some time to wait things out while I finish my bachelor's at ASU. Good lookin out, let me know if you dig anything else up!

i am looking very carefully at this as well. i spoke with the school last week, their first students are approx 60+ percent of the way through the program and should be ready to go off for their interviews by mid to late 2004 approx aug to oct i think. the program looks great. i hate the fact that i would have to go back to school for another degree, but hey, thats the way it works. i plan to keep a close eye on this program. if the students end up getting hired, then i think my choice will be to go with midland MAPD over flight safety. I think until the school proves its self, flight safety is still the best thing going.
Yeah, actually I have most of my classes at the East Campus. I always see the MAPD pipers, bonanzas, and barons taking off inbetween classes. They just put in the new full motion CRJ sim, looks real nice. If you talk to anyone there, they'll say it's a great program, but no one is sure about the whole Mesa/Freedom thing. If you don't have your bachelor's yet and really want an aviation degree, it's definately worth looking into. Just make sure you know whats going on with Freedom Airlines, thats the only catch I've heard.
I'm just finishing H.S. and plan on going to ASU East for the MAPD program. I got a tour there a few weeks ago and it seems like a great program. The new sims were incredable, but they weren't online yet when I visited. I'm really excited about the program and am hoping that it works out. Only drawback is the campus there is ugly as hell.

Just make sure you know whats going on with Freedom Airlines, thats the only catch I've heard.

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What is going on with freedom airlines? That is definately a concern.
What is going on with freedom airlines? That is definately a concern.

[/ QUOTE ]

We should know in around two weeks if the new Mesa TA (tentative agreement) is signed. Rumour has it that the pilots will sign it and a new contract will be ratified. If this happens, Freedom will be merged back into Mesa and for all intents and purposes, there will be no Freedom airlines (aka alter ego non-union airline). All of the Freedom guys will be brought into ALPA, and the whole situation will be over (except for the 100 or so pilots who intially went over to Freedom - they will be included on an ALPA "blacklist").
Keep your eyes open and see if the new TA is signed. If yes, then you guys will have nothing to worry about.
The name "Freedom" might stay around awhile (because of the certificate), but it will be an ALPA airline under the Mesa umbrella.
Thanks for the input guys. Hopefully the freedom thing goes through.

I was planning on attending ERAU until I stumbled on the advice provided on this site. It encouraged me to look more closely into the alternatives. In my situation, ASU seems like the better option. I also like the fact that ASU is willing to give me money because of my academics. ERAU seems to be primarily concerned with my accuracy in kicking a ball through an upright rectangle.

Anyway, I'm planning on living on campus in one of those beautiful barrack's. At least they beat the "towers" at ASU main (right?).

Any other advice Dubb?
On housing?-honestly not sure, as you said, the campus is still kinda ugly, but they are constantly renovating, so who knows, depends on your budget. Other than that I would just look into other interests for a non-aviation degree, and see what kind of options you have for getting ratings elsewhere. Just because everyone keeps telling me to have a backup plan if flyin' doesn't work out...