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I think I want to major in meteorology / atmospheric science (What is the difference?) and get my flight training on the side. Do you know of some colleges with good science departments? I was looking at OU and heard that it has a really good meteorology program.


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Meteorology will be helpful for a pilot for sure, but keep in mind that most meteorology jobs require at least a Masters (or so my recent meteorology grad friend tells me).

I've heard the same about OU. Iowa State University has a great program too.


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Iowa State has a good program and very interesting professors in the department. Rates for aircraft/training at the local FBO are pretty good compared to other areas of the country. If you have any questions about Meteorology or ISU, just ask.


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Ou has one of the best programs in the country for meterology, plus if you like to storm chase this is a great place to be during storm season