Mesa's presentation to ACA


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Mesa\'s presentation to ACA

Here's the powerpoint presentation Mesa gave ACA yesterday:
October 7, 2003 conference call Presentation
This sure paints a pretty picture for ACA.

Page 15:
"The new management team has successfully revitalized the company and in the process has:
-Fostered excellent labor and customer relations"

I'm afraid JO may have ACA here. ACA's CEO has said himself that they don't "have adequate take-over protection."
Re: Mesa\'s presentation to ACA

All I know is my stock in ACA jumped 22% the first day and 8% the next! GO GO GO!
Re: Mesa\'s presentation to ACA

Kerry Skeen (CEO) will make the right decision. I think I can speak for everyone at ACA when I say that he has the best interests of the company in mind. LONG LIVE ACA!!!