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I went and toured Panam's FPR location and Eric P. happend to mention that Mesaba was looking for 20 or so resumes. Does anyone know what kind of time these instructors have?

Also, Turk about long do most instructors instruct before getting looked at?

Careful, that guy will tell you that you'll be graduated in six months and hired on as a 747 captain if he thinks you want to hear it. If you didn't know, these are the people that told all of the displaced students from ASA (whatever that school's name was) that all of the people at Pan Am were hired by the airlines and there was no waiting list for instructors when, in fact, the waiting list was almost a year long. Just remember, they will treat you like a king to get you in, but once they think they have your money you'll be dirt to them.
I don't believe this is a rumor. Have heard several Panam people talking about it. Eric P. also said that the president would be announcing the news to the instructors. (I toured back in mid june) So Turk or anyone that actually attends Panam whats the scoop on this? Is it true?
The Mesaba thing is true. They are looking for 20 resumes, between the DVT and FPR campuses. They want 1000TT and 200 Multi.
As far as how long it will take to build that time, it all depends on how many students you have. The way it is now, you are looking at over a year, year and a half, of instructing to get that kind of time.

The Turk.
And Billybob,
It is not a fact that the wait to instruct is 12 months. Hell, it was never that long. I think you've got Pan Am confused with Flightsafety. I dont know why you left PanAm, I didn't even know you left until someone else told me after you had already gone. I am glad to hear you are doing well at RAA, and I was sorry to see you go.

The Turk.
It is a fact that the wait is currently at 6 months and counting. I won't use names, but could easily list 8 guys who finished MEI january or earlier and are not yet hired. So until Pan Am calls me back the official current wait time is 6 months. How many instructors are there now - 25 or so in the FAA program. That means if you are 25 deep on the waiting list, you need 100% instructor turnover (to the airlines) to get hired.

And there haven't even been half that many hired by the airlines in the last year!!!
Hey Turk, didn't mean to offend you - I just called the numbers as I was told (by a group on the waiting list) as I was leaving. And, I don't doubt that Mesaba came calling for 20 people - it's just a matter of time before people start getting hired again (eight people got hired at RAA last month). You just have to remember that I was at that school and I know what the recruiters will tell people just to get them in the door. Take care and let us know when the Chinese get there.