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I haven't been on here in a while..anyway, I took an eye exam today to get my prescription updated and get the proper lenses I'll need [I have astigmatism and correctable vision]. As luck would have it, during the more extensive part of the exam, my optometrist told me she thinks I might have glaucoma, and I have to reschedule an appointment again to be tested for sure. I haven't had any symptoms and I'm only 22, but I'm assuming this would be a problem for the medical during my PEPC [which is on Friday]..does anyone know how BAD this could be for me, if I do end up having glaucoma? I don't know if they even check that much during the eye exam at the PEPC, but if they do the whole eyedrop thing and shine lights into your eye, it'd show a red flag because apparently I have "a large optical nerve". Anyone care to fill me in?:(


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My wife has already ahd her PEPC and I think they only made her do the eye chart to make sure she was good to 20/20. She didn't mention anything about drops or lights or anything...Hope this helps and good luck on Fri!


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Here, might be a little better in the "Ask a Flight Surgeon" topic.

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They do not dilate the eyes nor do they check for glaucoma, especially in a 22 year old. If she thought you had a large optic disc, I would go to an ophthalmologist who is a glaucoma specialist (ophthalmologists specialize in different eye diseases) to get a clean bill of health and to relieve your mind.


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Thanks for the responses...yeah I'm quite young for glaucoma, but I guess I'll just find out when I get checked for it specifically. Funny how I'm more concerned about the career aspect of it than the health:rolleyes:

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