Medical Insurance


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Right now I am in the military, so medical is free. I am planning on getting my CFI rating, and then getting out. I was just wondering what I would expect to pay for medical insurance. I am married, and will have three kids (yikes). Does anyone know of any programs in California, because obviously I won't be making that much money, and I'll have a buttload of dependents.
Does your wife work and is there a chance of you getting on her insurance? That's going to be our plan when I start instructing full time.
Well, my wife is going to be working, but I don't think that where she will be working is going to have any kind of family medical insurance.
The best thing you can do is type "health insurance california" in a search engine and start getting quotes. We are about to face the same issue. We are currently on a group policy which is about $450 w/ maternity covg (with one child) and when we have to get an individual policy it will be about $400 w/o maternity, less covg, higher ded. and no rx covg. Just see what's in CA and ask for some quotes. Also, this is what I was told would work in FL, I don't know about CA, but since I work from home they told me if I spent $90 to get incorporated I could get a group policy that will have better covg for less money. They would name me the pres of the company and my husband the vice pres and that would make up the 2 parties needed to get group covg. I don't know how I feel about that yet, but if you need to maybe it's something worth looking in to. Good luck.