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It was a pretty pathetic month for flying. I only flew about four hours, although I do have a trip to Florida this week. I graduated college which was pretty cool, but I have a meeting tomorrow about going back for my MBA. I think I can be that by next summer. There are no real decent jobs out there (that I have a shot at anyway), I figured I would just go back to school until things turn around. The guys I fly for are taking delievery of the new airplane next month. Anyway, here are some photos.

We just had this delievered. It is called a Breezy.

A Meridian that was left in our hangar for a few days.

Spacious interior

The not so spacious cockpit

Lancair IV


Final for runway 33 at Martin State

Here is me, I look confused because I probally was.

I also have a few videos this month:

Departing in a 150

Flying a localizor approach

Flying the mighty Air Cam (excuse the head nod, it is a joke with a friend)

That's all,

Congats on graduation!!!!

Did the folks get you comb for a graduation present? :bandit:
The Air Cam looks like a lot of fun! I would like to try flying something like that sometime.
I thought it was a great capture myself. The only enhancement it needs is some saturation adjustment.

Really neat shot man! Let me run it by some talent agencies - maybe we can get you an award or something. :D Awesome, this picture can be applied to so many places. Last time I saw it when I ran smack into our twins prop. There where even little stars and stuff. You're right about the saturation adjustment. Especially in the upper right corner the black is almost a bit too light.
The planes are amazing, but what really blows me away is the quality of your photography. Wow!