Masters Degrees and Flying


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Does anyone know if there are any programs where one can earn their master's degree while learning to fly? I have zero time and thinking about an airline career, but would like to also earn a master's degree during my life (perhaps an MBA).


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I was there this summer loved the institution technology and the people were great it was very cloudy and rainy but thas just the kind of weather i love

They have Bachelors as well as Masters where u can learn to fly and pay as u go

A lil heavy on the pocket though




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If you want masters degree and learn aviation I would say look into Embry Riddle, but there are other programs that are great.


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We have a couple of Master degree programs at MTSU It ofers two different degree's, one that is a M.Ed and another that is an M.S. From what I've heard about the programs here the M.Ed is easier to get than the M.S., but both are under the aviation dept. here so it can't be that difficult to get.


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You're able to get a masters at Purdue in just about anything - including aviation. We have a well ranked business school here as well. I'm currently in the flight program, working on a minor in Management as well with aspirations to get an MBA someday.

Also, there's a large contingent of Marylanders and Virginians in the flight program here, so take a look!

Best of luck