Marker Beacons


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I was wondering if the marker beacons have a universal frequency that they are identified by. I checked the AIM and was unable to find a specific answer as to what frequency they are identified by. If this question makes sense and someone could give me an answer that would be awesome...:rawk:
Marker beacons transmit on 75 MHz.
Most newer airplanes have the MB receiver built into the audio panel. If you're looking for the antenna, it's usually a canoe-shaped one on the belly.
Supplementary to what Hacker said, this is from the Pilot Controller Glossary:

MARKER BEACON− An electronic navigation
facility transmitting a 75 MHz vertical fan or bone-
shaped radiation pattern. Marker beacons are identi-
fied by their modulation frequency and keying code,
and when received by compatible airborne equip-
ment, indicate to the pilot, both aurally and visually,
that he/she is passing over the facility.
(Refer to AIM.)

As for the AIM, the only reference I found regarding the frequency is in the ILS illustration:

Marker beacon.png