MAPD Interview


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I just got back from Farmington, NM and my MAPD Interview. It was a great trip. I should know in about 10-14 days if I am in the program and will be starting in May. If all goes as planned I should be a F/O for Mesa Airlines at the end of 15-19 months. Wish me luck.

I hope you'll get a positive response.
Could you give a summary of how the intreview went, and any useful info you want to share about the program would be appreciated.
I too just returned from my interview at MAPD. Very positive experience overall. I read the book Checklist for Success by Cheryl Cage prior to the interview. I think the information in the book was very helpful. Even though the interview was not for a airline job, the program is run like you are being hired for a airline job. In fact they kept hitting on the point the program was in fact a 19 month long job interview. The next two weeks waiting to find out if I am have been accepted or not is going to be rough.
I was wondering how much MAPD said it would cost you to attend the school for 19 months?

Also, I hope both of you get accepted.
Minimum of $52,000 which include minimal living expenses for a single person, some books ect. Expect it to cost more because of extra flight lessons that more likely will be needed. I am budgeting $60,000.