Male-Female ratio at ERAU


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Can anyone give me an estimate of the Male:Female ratio at ERAU?

As I consider colleges with flight programs to attend, ERAU continues to be a part of my top five. I plan to go visit the campus in Daytona Beach some time next year (senior year). The only reason I haven't picked ERAU as my absolute number one choice is my curiosity about how many girls there are gonna be. Please don't take this the wrong way, what I mean is that I think a college without very many girls would just be totally boring and not diverse at all. I mean, I already figure that the student population is going to be mainly caucasian men who are gonna mostly be a whole lot like me: an aspiring pilot. When I consider this, there are good points to it, and bad points as well. What I wanna know is if anyone can give me a rough estimate/overview of what the student body is like at ERAU Daytona, as that is going to be the main deciding factor for me with ERAU vs. Larger state schools.



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5 to 1 babe ratio the last time I was there (1997).

While this means fewer gals to guys, it does mean the gals get 2 guys on each arm considering the last one is too busy flying to be on her arm at the time.


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