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There is a very good article in the new Flying mag, about pilots making the regionals their career, and not looking to the majors, as the majors will be stagnant for 7-8 years.
Right now our senior CRJ captains top out (after 15 years) at over $90 per hour. I could live on that. And of course, it will go up if and when we get 70 seaters.

Are the ACA guys currently in contract talks? I remember reading somewhere that the ACA wanted a contract that was "like Comair + 1%"
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Top Dawg Pay at ACA.

Top Capt Pay for the CRJ is year 17, $90.15/hr. Effective May 9, 2003 year 18 CA pay is $96.10/hr. Aug 9, 2004, it becomes $100.00/hr. Thats as far as the current contract at ACA goes for now, hopefully it will get even better with the next one.

Making that much $$ per hour, you probably dont have to pick up too much open time to break into the six-figures. Especially with all of the goodies we have in our contract that get you mo' money.

So it isnt mainline wages, but for an express carrier thats good money.
I just got my Flying Magazine and i thought the article was awesome!! Finally something encouraging! ( Well it was encouraging for me) After reading this article and looking at you other guys post, I would be perfeclty happy to work until i retire on an RJ! Hope it works out for all of us!!!
Do regional folks get to fly space available on their mainline partners? Just curious.