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Very hard to say indeed, but this question is based on a research I have done in the FAR's and found no specific answer.

If I (CFII) am not tailwheel endorced, can I teach and train a student (Private pilot endorced and properly rated in the tail dragger aircraft) for his instrument rating?

Let's hear from the FAR giants
As long as your student is acting as PIC, I would say that you're fine.

If you look at 1.1 you will see that pilot in command holds appropriate category, class, and type rating, if appropriate for the conduct of the flight. Do you need a type rating for the tail dragger?

Read through 61.51(e) (1) (iii) very carefully. I think that should spell it out for you. As long as you don't give any instruction on how to fly that particular aircraft and your student does all of the flying, you should be in the clear.
I think you'd be better off just getting a tailwheel endorsment.

You can't expect there not to be a time when you will need to have control of the A/C.
I agree, I would recommend that if you are a AOPA member shoot them an e-mail. They will get back to you within 48 hours and at least you have something on paper (for whatever AOPA's opinion is worth).

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(for whatever AOPA's opinion is worth).

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By that comment I meant it isnt the FAA sending you a reply, but at least it is something on paper to support the CFI.
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There was an FAA guy over at the airport that day, and we asked him, and he was very skeptical of the idea, and really avoided getting involved. I will try AOPA, thanks.
The main problem with doing this is the difference between logging PIC and actually being PIC. Your student will be logging PIC during instrument training, because he will be manipulating the controls. But, you will be the acting PIC anytime you are on an instrument flight plan. It has to be this way since your student cannot legally fly in IMC or file an instrument flight plan on his own. If anything happens (bad landing, etc.) during a flight that has your name on the flight plan, you will own it.

It is ok to do an IPC or to shoot approaches with a current instrument pilot in this situation, since they can be the acting PIC. You would not even need a current medical as long as they were not under the hood.
I think you can do it as long as you are not on an IFR flight plan or in IMC conditions. Both of those situations require the instructor to be the PIC.
61.195 (b) doesn't spell out that an endorsement is required BUT if you are going to be giving instruction as an authorized instructor, it would be a good idea to be "appropriately rated" which would mean you have the endorsement. Sounds shady to me if you are logging PIC as an instructor (which is your right under 61.51 (e) (3)) if you do not have the legal right to act as the PIC of that particular aircraft. There are two solutions: 1. get your endorsement OR 2. do the training in a tricyle geared airplane (that he is most likely rated in).