Major Airline with No Experience


Penske Material
Does anyone know how often or when the last time a major airline hired people straight out of dispatch school with no experience as a dispatcher, no internal experience, and limited to no internal recommendations?
AA had a DXer that started with mainline right at age 23 (he was on the hiring committee). IIRC, when DL used to hire only INTERNAL, people used to get jobs on the ramp, with their DX license, so they can get a shot with "Mama DL". When they opened up to externals about 5-10 years ago, thats when OCC mgmt put the experience requirement. They've always have the testing battery, even pre-merger.
Rumor has it there is a big movement to get rid of the Personality exam as many qualified dispatchers have been turned down after passing everything else with perfect scores, but yet not meeting the "personality profile" that was determined by Delta. Oh...and some of these people had three or four internal recommendations.