Low Dose Aspirin Regimen


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I am 28 years old. I have a family history of heart problems at young ages - dad, uncles and grand parents on both sides. I try to keep my weight in check and also walk for an hour everyday.

I've heard that daily aspirin can be good and was thinking of starting a daily low dose Aspirin regimen. My questions would be:

a.) Does this actually work and is it beneficial?
b.) How will this hurt the Medical Exam -Class 2 and Class 3 specifically.I have not yet started my flying and wanted to clarify this before I start my flying and go for my medicals next month.

Also is this one here something that would work well? http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp?pid=10092&catid=42


Dr. Forred can probably give you a much better answer, but my dad who is a doctor has always kept himself and I up to date on all the best non script meds way to keep yourself heart healthy. Low dose aspirin is ok, but be sure to get your stomach checked every once in a while. My mother went on one and got bad stomach bleeding from the aspirin. Another thing you can do is have a glass or two of wine each night (or a little bit of liqour), it thins the blood and helps prevent clogging/athersclerosis. Also, fish oil capsules are a great thing to make a daily regimen of. They keep your cardiovascular system healthy and they also really help clear up mind fog giving better concentration.

Walking an hour isn't as good as running/jogging 20 minutes a day. The point of a cardio workout is to get your heat pumping fast, and walking wont do that. All walking will do is take off a couple hundred calories from your day, which is peanuts.
81 mg of aspirin a day is good for heart prophylaxis.

Do you know what your lipid profile is? That is probably as important as your family history.