Low Altitude Limit?

I was outside putting siding on my parents house today when a multi-engine plane flew over at low altitude(Probably 250'). There isn't an airport for miles in any direction from here. I heard you aren't allowed to drop below a certain altitude near homes. When I was a kid, I can remember C-130's doing the same exact thing for training exercises flying out Morgantown West Virginia (MGW). Is there a low altitude limit outside of landing and taking off? If so, what is it.


500' sparsely populated, other than congested areas 500' from any person

congested areas 1000' above the highest obstacle within 2000' horizontally



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Might be near a military training route? A MOA (Military Operations Area), an emergency? Low approach? SAR mission? Training?

Could be a variety of things.


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Isn't there something called a transponder or something on a plane that tells the ATC what altitude you are at.

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only if you turn it on,


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You're right Doug, you never know what it could have been doing. I have been seeing some planes kind of low near my house and it got me thinking to look around where I live and see if there is a Military base or anything. I know my airport is pretty far so that can't be it, I wounder what it is?


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You gotta get low so that when you drop off your "payload", your below radar coverage...