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Below is an e-mail I've been trying to send to as many pilots as I can and since I have an interview on Thursday I want to get a lot more responses so I can futrther broaden my knowledge. So please take the time and read it if you can and if you could reply with some answers that would be awesome.

My name is Justin, I am 18 years old this year just finished high school and I currently have an interview scheduled to go to Canada's BCIT airline flight ops program. I was very excited at first but having been to some forums such as airlinepilotcentral and jetcareers and hearing some stories about hardships that many endure right now, it has set me a little further back. So right now I really want to gain some knowledgable insight into the career from a brilliant man like yourself. Do you think it is the right time to be going into this field at all, with all the downsizing and outrageous gas prices going on? I'm currently looking at a tutition cost of roughly $55 000 CAD is this too much of a price to pay? My school I guess you can say is certainly one of Canada's most well known school for aviation and for business ed, does the cost justify for it or should I go to a smaller local school? Growing up school has never appealed to me much so my grades lets just say aren't abysmal but surely arent the most polished, however doing pre-entrance exams I scored a 90 percentile for spatial reasoning and 70 for abstract reasoning with an A scores for english and math, would they solely judge me on my school marks or would they take my pre entrace exam marks more heavily? I have read numerous threads on people coming out as flight instructors for the first few years, which are also the toughest with a measly amount of pay, does it get better? How does physical attributes play in this industry? I'm 6'2 (yes very tall for an asian male) 160lbs with a very muscular build as I have always worked out knowing that this is the industry I would love to pursue. What kind of tips would you suggest for me for my interview? I've always loved being in the open skies flying my R/C planes and had a flair for food, dreaming of travelling all over the world and sampling every nationalties own dishes in their motherland. Any certain aspects I should be careful not to trip on that I might not know of?
Sorry I know it was a long read. Your advice would be incredibly crucial to me, priceless if you may. Please respond back with the best of your knowledge and I would just like to give you the biggest thanks here on out.

Thank You!!


Justin Wong

Boris Badenov

This is no laughing matter.

I think you probably want to try to target your inquiries to Canadian pilots, as aviation is a particularly sensitive market to national laws and statistics. That said, as a general rule, I would contend that this is an awful time to be getting in. Some people will probably tell you that this is just a "down cycle" to be followed by another "up cycle" and therefore a great time to start training. But the predictions for oil prices and the fact of peak oil just don't bear that out. Certainly you shouldn't just take my gloom n' doom word for it. Do some research, but I'm afraid that all we're going to see is further decaying salaries to go along with the reduction in flying in general. Go-Juice is just going to get too expensive.

PS. Physical attributes have nothing to do with it. If you aren't a genetic aberration, you can shoehorn yourself in to most cockpits. 6'2 and skinny beats the heck out of 5'6 and fat, comfort wise.