Looks Like I'll be Headed Back to Jax!!


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Looks Like I\'ll be Headed Back to Jax!!

After faxing my resume' to ATP on Wednesday, I spoke with Jim Kosziarski (VP at ATP) yesterday. He told me that I'm in the pile of CFI's to be hired. He said that they are planning to start a new class every 3-4 weeks. So, for now I am waiting to get the call, and then it's back to Jax again!

Re: Looks Like I\'ll be Headed Back to Jax!!

Hey Travis,
Did Jim give you any idea how big the pile is or how long it would be before you got the call??? What will you be doing in the mean time? Have you had any other prospects?
I'm really hoping to work for ATP myself when I get done.
Good Luck to you!
Re: Looks Like I\'ll be Headed Back to Jax!!

No word on how large the pile is, but I've heard that they're running at most two months behind your Career Pilot Program finish date. I've also heard that that number is decreasing each day we get farther away from 9/11.

After hearing what my instructors said my reputation with the company is, I plan and expect to be down there sometime soon. Everything else has worked out so well for me at ATP, I have faith that this process will be no different.

In the meantime, I have been catching up on a lot of work and spending some good time with my family. I have a friend who owns a couple of planes -- so hopefully I'll be back in the skies this week.