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Star-Bright has caught my eye while i am looking for a flight school to get my instrument through CFI certs. How early do you need to sign up for a spot for their career programs before they get filled? I do have a concern about the weather especially during the spring and summer. Does any one have any insight on that? Thanks


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Good questions!!! There is one career spot available in August. A few weeks notice would be great. We can pick you up at Kansas City or Tulsa to start your training. The weather in the Mid West can be challenging. In general you will find that there are scattered and isolated thunder storms at times. This provide great experience in learning how to navigate and using your resources such as radar and Atc. Excellent experience because you have many options. It can get hot in the middle of the day but isn't too bad because of the altitudes you will be operating at. Let me know if you have any other questions. We would be happy to have you!!!!