I would love to find a job refueling jets or transporting luggage to and from the planes. Trouble is, there doesn't seem to be much of a demand for this. I would love to find a position doing this at PIT. I have looked with the airlines, but can't find anything. Does anyone know of any websites or anything where I could find jobs doing this. Is there a website where jobs like this may be posted.

I thank you all very much for any insight

I have seen ads a few times in our local paper for plane fuelers, but it was at the little airport, not SLC. You could try to check your paper's online websites and see if there is something or even just call the FBO you want to go to and ask if you can drop off a resume incase a position opens up.
FBOs usually just advertise in the local paper for line people. Periodically call the FBOs in your area to let them know you are interested an available.
I think it depends on the airport. I've heard some of the bigger ones issue an airport driver's license to anyone who needs to drive on that facility.