Looking in Tulsa

your best bet is at KRVS Jones Jr. Aiport (Riverside)...tons of flight schools there
I sent a resume to RFC back in March (2008) and heard back from them on the same day, there has been stories about them, if you walk in the door they will hire you. Funny how times change.
[FONT=&quot]Anyone know of 135 or fractional opportunities I like to stay in aviation. Right now the local flight school don’t have enough work[/FONT]
I worked at RFC for over a year (just left in Jan) and got up to my Comm at Spartan. Do not go looking for jobs at RVS. RFC is a great company, but restructuring right now. Spartan is straight crap. TCC (Tulsa Comm College - used to be the OSU flight school) has a flight school on the field, but they are very sporadic. Lots of pt 61'ers out there, so that is covered. Started at RVS in Jul 06 - they have some of the greatest controllers I've worked with and a perfect training environment, so if you have any questions, shoot. Good luck.