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Wondering if there are any current or former Salukis around who can tell me a bit about the flight program (other than that to be found on the net).....# of instructors? syllabus used? places to eat/live?


SIU is currently staffed by approximately 30 full time and 15 part time flight instructors. We are still utilizing a totally Cessna fleet consisting of 310's, 182RG, 172RG's 172's, 152's and 7 New Cessna 172R's (w/gps and of course adf), the rest of the planes are the same as before minus 7 152's (mostly the lima's were sent to the tin can recycler). We also have a Cessna 340 and a Golden Eagle 421 used for the charter program. The program is still basically the same 141 syllabus as before, however the 201 (ppl) has been divided into 2 seperate parts (A&B)... the course is still expected to be completed in one semester resulting in a ppl. Not a whole lot else has changed, there have been a few flight/av tech courses implemented such as amt 402 (fms, glass panel systems, etc..). Mostly the same faces as before, if you need any info their is the website or give us a call 618-453-1144. As far as places to live, it is a university program and therefore normal housing is available including apartments, dorms, etc.. There are tons of eats around here.. Murphysboro has a BBQ called 17th street bar and grille... if you are in town just ask anyone around its not a bad place.