Looking for Caravan Operators for a buddy


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Hey all,

I have a friend, a fellow CFI, who has about 4,000hrs Total time but about 16 multi time. He really is itching to quit being a CFI, as all of his hours have come from dual given. Was just wondering if anyone can help me look for some carriers that operate Caravans (probably the only thing that he'd be qualified to fly, also something he would prefer to fly over a navajo/cheiftain from Ameriflight, etc.

So far all I can come up with is Mountain Air Cargo. Anyone else got any other ideas? Unfortunately I'm not too familiar with the various contract FedEx outfits out there.

I don't believe the Mountain is hiring right now, but I did see an add on Climbto350 for a Caravan based MYR. I don't have a subscription but I do know for a fact the Mountain has a Caravan there. More than likely though, the Mountain is going to want previous part 135 time. I don't do the hiring though so you never can tell.
Checked all the drop centers?
Most ask for 1000 TPIC to let one on the Van though.
Fedex & UPS contractors too, hard to find though.

AirNet in Cleveland has a Caravan sitting on the ramp...

There is some sort of Caravan Job site too, but after writing to all of them I decided they are all frauds and not to share the link... :)
What ever you do, don't suggest Pacific Wings! If you don't like the guy then thats a different story. :D
Check Linear Air in BED, I think they are looking for van guys in Washington DC. Also look at Wiggins at MHT.
I appreciate the support guys. Keep 'em coming. I'll keep you posted on his situation as he starts calling these places up.
I don't know if any of these are hiring or not, but here are a few operators not already listed:

Baron Aviation Services - www.baron-aviation.com
Paragon Air Express - www.paragonairexpress.com
Air Now - www.airnow.com
West Air - www.westair.net
CSA Air - www.airt.net/csa - (owned by same company as Mountain Air)
Wiggins - www.wiggins-air.com

I am sure there are plenty more, that just the ones I could think of real quick.

I know Barons not hiring and know for 100% fact Paragon is not hiring and probably wont be hiring ever again.
Did they go under???? I haven't heard anything about them in a while.

They lost their runs out of CRW to Airnet in December or January. All thats left is the one based BFM (that guy will be there for a long while), two based BHM (both staffed by long term guys) and the one left in El Paso which could go any day. Other than that they're finished.
How's your job going?
FUBAR, to put it lightly. Take a look at APC, in the PT 135 section on pg2. I will post everything on JC within a week after certain things are settled. I believe the JC community would want to know exactly what went down and what came of it....
Ouch, that really sucks. I've heard story about PW firing people for no reason, but I didn't believe it. I'm just glad I didn't decide to join the boat with you back in September. Hope things will go smoothly for ya.