Looking for a roomate


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Hey FSIers (or PanAm or Paris Air or Ari Ben or whatever), I'm looking for a roomate. My old roomate finished step V and is outahere. Anyway, I have a large duplex house on 41st. Ave. with an open room with its own bathroom. Rent is $300/mo. + half the utilities (usually around $100/mo. each although it might go up a little now that it's A/C season) I've got DirecTV, a washer & dryer, furniture, BBQ grill and kitchen stuff that you're welcome to use. My old roomate also left his bedroom furniture behind that he wants to sell for cheap. The only requirements that I have are that you're a non-smoking, non-racist, easy going individual (like me!).

I'm about to finish step V myself and after that, I'm going back to Chicago for a while until the July 7th CFI class. I'm planning on leaving town next monday or tuesday so PM me if interested.

No, no story. Just want to cut it off at the pass. I think that the average person at FlightSafety would be cool, but I don't enjoy hearing my neighbors talk about "towel heads" and I certainly wouldn't want to have to live with it. that's all. Just layin' out my pet peeves.

I suppose it would be funny if somebody called me up and said, "Yeah, I'm a non-smoker, but I'm pretty big into the Clan (great dental package). Is there some way we could work this out?"

Would it be more like, "Yeah, we're the most hated group in America, but on the upside, we get big discounts at the dry cleaners!"


*grabs the wet newspaper*

No! Bad forum poster! Down!
That was funny, all in good humor.

At least they didn't poop on your carpet Doug!

Hope you get a roomate.