Looking for a few FAA publications


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I've scoured the FAA website for these documents and they don't seem to exist. I also called the Orlando FSDO three times which seems like a big joke on me.

Does anybody out there have a copy of these pubs that they could send me a pdf of or better yet, know where I could order them from?

I've got copies of copies of copies, but I'd like to get an original or at least a good copy.

Flying Light Twins Safely (FAA-P8740-19/AFS-800 0978)

Weight and Balance - An Important Safety Consideration for Pilots (FAA-P-8740-5/AFS-800 0478)

Always Leave Yourself an Out (FAA-P-8740-25/AFO-800-1079)

It's only a coincidence that any of these documents are online...



All three documents are part of the FAA's Aviation Accident Prevention Program Bulletins, and are actaully listed in AC 60-25E with "Subject Matter Knowledge Codes for Airman Knowledge Testing" ... those things at the bottom of your practical test that show what you got wrong and that you're supposed to know by the checkride ... but I haven't found anywhere that says how to order them (including the FAA or GPO). There is a company that sells a CD full of 'em.

I'm disappointed.
Thanks, I tried writing a letter to the FAA to request them, so I should be hearing back sometime in the near future.


here's the address if anyone's interested.

Department of Transportation
Federal Aviation Administration
General Aviation Division
Accident Prevention Staff
800 Independence Avenue S.W.
Washington, D.C. 20591